Monday, August 22, 2011

After the Hurricane

By the time my Kindle read 93% finished, Denise Hildreth Jones had me in tears wishing that I had bought tissues at the store yesterday. Hurricanes in Paradise not only opened my heart, it had me reveling in the friendship I felt with these characters.

Each of the four women in the novel had a different outlook on life and a different scar that marked their hearts. The healing waters of Paradise Island took these women in and changed their perception of what life was, and how you survived it. I struggled with heart break and guilt with Laine. I felt my life being thrown into mass chaos with Riley. I hid from the demons that grew with each breath that Tamyra took. And I fell in love with life all over again with Winnie.

My face was tear-streaked and flushed, but my mouth spread into a smile with the final chapter of this fantastic book. I felt triumph wind through my veins. I had just climbed Mount Everest. I had taken the fear inside of me, Winnie, Laine, Tamyra, and Riley and faced it head on without a single backward glance over my shoulder. The healing waters came through the words on the page and washed over me as the tears fell, leaving behind a sense of peace and completion.


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  1. I have this one on my Kindle. Glad to read your review of it. Will be on my list after deadline!