Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Error Free Please?

Editors and authors both have a responsibility to make sure the novel they release is error-free. Or as close as it can be. I just began Edge of Grace by Christa Allan, and I'm not even through the first chapter. What's keeping me snagged so long? The repeated error throughout the entire chapter. 

A paragraph has been repeated at least five times -- and it makes no sense what-so-ever. What I thought would be a good controversial novel to read has already turned annoying. 

The plot line I like. Caryn's brother, David, calls her first thing on her Saturday morning cleaning spree to announce that he's gay. Caryn isn't exactly excited about this, in fact, she's falling toward rock bottom. With no one to turn to because her husband and mother are deceased, she's facing this one by herself. Hopefully, the help of a long time neighbor can set her down on the ground gently. 

I'm committed to finish the entire novel, but this major error is driving me crazy. How is a reader supposed to connect with the characters when the description of a birthday present (bubble bath) is repeated five times and has no relation to anything around it? I wish I could say something more positive about this book, especially so close to the beginning. But I'm disappointed already. Wouldn't you be?


  1. I'm glad you posted this because it gives me an opportunity to tell you that Abingdon has been notified, and free (of course) updates will be made available.

    As the author, I have no involvement in the formatting or uploading of my novel to Kindle. This is all handled by the publisher, who either does it in house or contracts the work out.

    Unfortunately, all I can do is inform the publisher (which I did) and wait (which I'm doing). It's frustrating, maddening, and disappointing for me to know that something I spent over a year of my life on is a mess. Even more so when I'm not the one responsible!

    I hope this is resolved soon, and I am truly sorry you had to muddle through the errors.

  2. I assumed it was an error in the process of making it electronic. No need to apologize. I am thoroughly enjoying your book and am happy that I could help! :)