Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiding in Your Own Shadow

Crossing the Bridge, by Michael Baron, is a novel of the story after the story. Hugh's brother Chase died ten years ago when he drove his car off of a bridge. Since then, Hugh has been hopping from city to city across the United States. Running away from everything that threatens to become important.

When his father has a medical emergency, Hugh goes home to face the truth. His family is drifting apart, he has nothing in his life worth having, and the woman he's in love with just so happens to be in town.

Chapter 3 
When I didn't comment on this, he added, "It had to do with a girl."
I nodded. "An explanation that works for just about anything."

This is a novel that brings the reader back to their self. Family life isn't always a clear blue sky. Love isn't always reciprocated. And things you run away from tend to hide in your own shadow, daring you to peek over your left shoulder.

Baron quickly sweeps you in with Hugh and makes you face the questions you pretend not to ask.

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