Monday, August 15, 2011

A Novel Full of Gypsies

As I've traveled from India to England and back to India in the past five hours, I realized that Patricia Watters is not only spinning a tale of lies, deceit, and (to be expected from a romance novel) love. Watters delicately proves through Damon and Eliza(beth) that what you think is best with your mind isn't what your heart will ultimately lead you to.

It connects with the age old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side. If I could just reach goal A, then I could finally be satisfied. When, to reference another cliche, if I would just stop and smell the roses, then I would discover that what I have is exactly what I want.

"Her Master's Touch" not only shattered my usually dependable radar for predicting what will happen by the final word of a novel, but spun me around so many times that I began doubting everything I believed. The characters in this novel did fit the usual archetype of a romance novel character, yet, they broke the molds with their realness. The minute details set you up to be deceived with the best part being that you end up liking it.

But then again, with a novel full of gypsies, what the eye takes in cannot (always) be trusted.


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