Friday, August 19, 2011

Secrets of Skeletons

"It's anybody's guess what you'll discover, but the potential for discovery is always available." Crossing the Bridge - Michael Baron

It isn't easy bringing up that awkward conversation. Acknowledging the elephant in the room. In Baron's Crossing the Bridge, Hugh and Iris both take their time in allowing themselves to discuss Chase, the ghost that has been following them both around for the past ten years.

A brother and a boyfriend are not easily forgotten. An unexpected death can crush souls, especially when the heart is weighed down with "what ifs." While at the beach, Hugh breaks down and admits to Iris that he could have saved Chase. If only he wouldn't have left him alone at the bar, slurring words accompanied by beer in hand. Iris also breaks down and admits that she could have saved Chase too. If only she would have stopped him from going to the bar where he let himself become overly inebriated and then decided to drive himself home.

Feeling as if you could have changed the past is a hard obstacle to overcome. The idea of fate and destiny does nothing to alleviate the guilt that you feel, knowing in your chest that you could have changed it. It's a struggle to get through. A city with no map.

You, as a reader, can see that it wasn't either of their faults, but the characters don't know that. They don't know how to accept what happened without blaming themselves. And we know what it feels like. Baron takes us back there, the city without light, the words echoing around our skulls.

If only, if only.

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