Monday, August 15, 2011

Succumbing to Vampires

Yes, I was one of those 16 year old girls who read all the Twilight books. I remember waiting on Breaking Dawn to be released and then going to the release party at my local Hastings in order to snag a copy.

Once again, I am giving in to the 16 year old inside of me and starting a novel about Vampires. I've just begun Moon Dance by J.R. Rain. It's the first book in the Vampire for Hire series and at chapter 3 I'm already enjoying it.

With Mrs. Moon, a seemingly normal mom who picks up her kids from school lathered in sun screen and donning a wide brimmed gardening hat, acting as the main character the novel promises to get straight to the point. Working as a private investigator, formally a Federal Agent (a six-year recent vampire), a Mr. Fulcrum meets his appointment time with Moon and lays out the job he wants her to do.

Chapter 2
"How exactly can I help you, Mr. Fulcrum?" I asked again.
"I need you to find someone."
"The man who shot me," he said. "Five times."

With a vampire as the main character uncovering other people's secrets and Mr. Fulcrum who can be shot five times and live... I have succumbed to the teenager inside of me.

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