Saturday, August 13, 2011

Times When Solemn

Still making my way through Late Rain by Lynn Kostoff. This book has its claws underneath my skin and refuses to let go until I've reached the last page. And its claws are sharp. I'm afraid the scratches will leave their scars behind.

The story centers around three people, common with the last book I read, Corrine, Ben, and Jake. Corrine sets a murder in motion and it's all fighting tooth and red-polished nails from there. From the lovely wording to the spine-tingling quotes, Kostoff's writing style shines in this gruesome thriller. When everyone becomes a murderer through various connections, the reader has no choice but to accept the consequences as motive and reason become entangled. Inseparable.

As Kostoff says, "There were times you were expected to be strong. Times when you were supposed to give in to grief and break down. Times when you were supposed to be upbeat. Times when solemn. Times that called for a collection or reactions, a shading of grief and loss."

Little do we know, Kostoff was talking to us, the reader. The force with which Kostoff injects the meaning of these words into the reader demands the elicit reactions that the author predicts, and promises.

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