Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unanswered Questions

Although for the past 35 hours or so, I've been completely consumed with the latest read, Late Rain by Lynn Kostoff, the ending was a complete disappointment. I feel like I climbed a mountain only to realize that at the peak it was a virtual simulation that left me unsatisfying-ly still on the ground, the dust climbing my feet. Perhaps, even asking myself why I began climbing the words in the first place.

The best thing about this novel was the language. The quotes that I saved from this novel were wonderful and are great additions to my small (but quickly growing) list. The plot line was fantastic and well planned. It dared the reader to guess what the next page would hold. Up until the last two chapters. Not only were they a bit scarce on information to what actually happened to the characters, they left me questioning the entire novel. Yes, the main plot line that Kostoff wrote about had all the loose ends tied in multiple knots. No leaks there, just like Croy's story to the police. However, I dare pass judgment on the ending by asking: Did Kostoff run out of things to say by chapter sixty-eight? I have been going over the end trying to piece together what happened to Jack Carson exactly. Also, where did Anne disappear to? Has Ben accepted his role as patrol and let go of the demons his wife's death brought to life?

I could go on further asking these questions and fumbling for any sort of explanation that would haphazardly resemble an answer. I don't regret reading the novel, it was worth it. But the salty, bitter, metallic taste that forms in my mouth after a disappointing read feels like it's stuck to my taste buds.


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