Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Woman Beneath the Vampire

Hope. One word that sums up the end of Moon Dance, the first book in the Vampire for Hire series. Throughout the novel, Samantha struggles with her biggest secret, being a vampire, and the hurdles that she must overcome in order to save herself, a handsome werewolf, and most importantly her family.

Being a mother brings about a world of struggle all its own. Samantha does everything she can to ensure that she is the best mother possible. Everyone knows how much she cares about her son and daughter, but she is a vampire, and with that comes some danger for the people around her. Danny, her husband, recognizes these dangers and his feelings toward his wife change, dramatically. The most prominent change born out of fear. He fears his children are in mortal danger, at times he fears himself in danger, and refuses to sit back and allow his wife to lose control so that they can become her blood banks. (A little extreme - I know, but you can't trust a hungry vamp.) 

The reader connects with Samantha, gaining an inside look at obstacles she faces in her daily life. The first person narrative puts the reader in the front seat of the roller coaster, so they can see everything through their own eyes, even the terrifying free fall. This helps strengthen the bond between reader and main character. And Rain does it nicely. With the vampire label pushed aside to see the real woman underneath. By the end of the book, through the constant tug of hearts strings, Ran leaves her readers with a definite sense of hope, promising happiness for Samantha in the coming novels of the series. Not to mention, the love of a rather dashing werewolf.

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