Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dreamer, the Hope, and the Protector

Daring to speak out while danger waits just outside the door frame. Rising above the fear of what the consequences will cost. Hoping to make a change.

In The Help, by Katryn Stockett, Miss Skeeter, Minny, and Aibileen form an unexpected friendship when they decide to write down their stories about working and living as a black maid in Jackson, Mississippi. Knowing what will happen if anyone ever finds out that it was them - they all swear that they'll never tell a soul.

Stockett's writing style in the novel offers point-of-view changes at the perfect times to leave the reader hanging, pushing them to turn the page, and keep reading. It's an adventure of three women who join together for a brief moment, suspended in time, to attempt to help people realize what is really going on in Jackson and how the housemaids are being treated: separate, diseased, different.

Miss Skeeter dreams of being a writer and she takes the chance when she gets it. She could connect with anyone - anyone who has a dream of being great in their future and willing to fight for it.

Aibileen has had a life of tragedy, but still she believes. She is the hope of the novel. Aibileen has seen heartache and what could have been a permanent streak of tears flowing down her cheek - but she rises above and fights (and prays) for a better life for all.

Minny has made the mistakes. If she's made one, she's made them all. Minny is the one who can be strong in the public eye but break down in private. She's the one who takes the blame. Minny is the protector.

Overall, I am so happy that I bought this book in paperback instead of Kindle edition. I thought that it would be the perfect addition to (my quickly growing) book collection. The only thing I have remotely bad to say is that there are gaps in the timeline. One page is summer, the next is Christmas. This didn't really bother me because I know that length and "extra" stuff is unnecessary, but at the same time, the large jump from A to B made my skin itch. I felt like I was missing something important. But this novel touched my heart on various levels that I also thought it perfect for the blog, because no doubt at least one character in the novel will connect with everyone.

When you go to pick up this book, don't forget to grab a box of tissues.


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