Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Life Without Love?

A healer cannot marry without love or her powers are lost forever...

Celestia, "Tia", is the oldest daughter of five children in the novel Love's Magic by Traci E. Hall. In the Montehue family, the oldest daughter is always the one who is labeled the healer and is bestowed with God's greatest gifts. Her family's land is rented to them by Lord Baron, a man who directly throws Tia's life into an upheaval when he orders her to marry his son - the son he has kept hidden.

Nicholas grew up an orphan and when offered a chance to serve God by joining the Crusades, he joyfully accepted. But being poisoned, imprisoned, and lied to can change a person's outlook on life. Nicholas knows that what he struggled through during the crusades was caused by Lord Baron and has decided to take his revenge. He will kill Lord Baron.

When Nicholas is drugged and brought to the Montehue house, Tia nurses him back to health as he fights to escape his delirium. Nicholas awakens to a message sent from his father, Lord Baron, that he must marry Tia or she will be accused of witchcraft and put to death. The woman who saved his life has consequently jeopardized her own. What are choice are they to make? Better question, do they have a choice?

A life without love, or no life at all?

Now for chapter three...

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