Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Phoenix of Love

The fires blaze through the streets of San Francisco leaving rubble and chaos everywhere in Denise Agnew's Love From the Ashes.

Just weeks before Grace was a normal woman. Perhaps a little more stubborn and modern for her own good, but who could blame her for those attributes?

And she was falling in love. The only thing she ever dreamed of.

Now the threat of San Francisco falling into the black earth promises to take away everything Grace has worked so hard for as the municipal buildings crumble into heaps of destruction. Can love rise from beneath the ashes and flourish in the hazy light of Grace's world post-disaster?

The pull of love in this piece is strong and it brings back the romantic fantasies we, as readers, try to deny. Women who read this novel can relate to Grace - a woman who wants to choose her own life, not allow someone to take that away from her. She's a woman who wants to fall in love, to trust a man, and know what it's like to be happy. Agnew writes the love story we all wish we had, but will it be the ending you would pick out for yourself?

"The city had changed and she had changed forever."
Love From the Ashes


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