Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Sides for the Love Triangle

Grace and Chauncey. In Denise Agnew's Love From the Ashes, Grace wants to marry for love and Mr. Chauncey appears to be the noble man with an appreciation for the modern woman. She recognizes his caring and friendly attitude. While on a picnic in the park, Grace wonders if Chauncey could be the man of her dreams. The man she's been waiting for. The one man that she will give her entire heart too without waiting a beat.

Nate and Grace. Nathaniel Dempsey is a bold man from Ireland searching for a new and better life in San Francisco. But he seems to have a knack for falling in love with women above his societal role. Does he have the strength and determination to reach for more? The feelings that Grace has for him are more than obvious. He has intrigued her. While he lays ill with influenza, Grace dares to nurse him back to health, throwing societal views to the wind.

Nate and Chauncey. Chauncey has a sterling reputation among the streets of San Francisco. The pavement turning gold beneath his feet as he walks. Mary, Grace's step-mother, is hoping that this man will be the one to steal her step-daughter's heart. While courting Grace, Chauncey warns her to stay away from Nathaniel. A brute Irishman shouldn't be allowed to be alone with a social gem such as Grace. However, Mary sees the compassion that Grace has for Nate even if Grace denies the feelings herself, or tries to.

Will the two men come to a face off in the last half of the novel?
And which man, if either, will be the one to steal Grace's heart away and fulfill her longing for a life of love?

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