Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful Bad Cop vs. unBelievably Bad Boyfriend

Maddie has a lot of problems, all promising a complete nervous breakdown. But Gemma Halliday has me laughing out loud with her novel, Spying in High Heels.

Ramirez vs. Richard
Ramirez is...
a Los Angeles detective with a great body, an olympic style kisser, with a family of sweet Spanish women.

Richard is...
missing, a liar, a cheater, and wanted for questioning in a tabloid scandal.

Now if only...
Maddie could actually take a pregnancy test, decide who's better boyfriend material, and stop stalking people in her peep-toe pumps.

If you haven't read this book - read it. It's a wonderful confusing piece of chaos that any girl is bound to find downright funny and easy to relate to. :D

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