Friday, October 14, 2011

A Cat and her Claws

Chloe King is Mai. A member of an ancient race descended from Egyptian goddesses. She has the reflexes of a cat, not to mention the claws to go with it.

In the second installment of series, Chloe King is being protected by other Mai members, including the pride leader, Sergei. However, not all is as it seems.

Brian, a member of the Tenth Blades, is helping Chloe to stay alive.
Alyec, who is also Mai, is now Chloe's boyfriend.
And Kim... Well, Kim has cat ears.

Then of course there are Paul and Amy, Chloe's two best (human) friends, who are always there to help break and enter.

When Chloe's mother is kidnapped by the Tenth Blades, all must join together to find her, while still protecting Chloe from an executioner who may, or may not, be dead. What follows may be the war everyone is trying to avoid.

After polishing off the second novel in the series, The Stolen, in a little less that four hours, I'm on to the final book. Trust me, if you love fantasy and angst-y teenagers breaking rules and spreading their claws then pick this series up!
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