Saturday, October 15, 2011

Could love be the Answer?

She is the chosen one. The one who will unite her people and end the feud that has raged for over five thousand years. 

In the final novel of "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" series, Chloe must do the unimaginable. She must find a way to end the blood thirsty war between the Mai and the Tenth Blades. Not to mention, keep those who she cares for safe including her best friend-fashionista Amy, comic book-loving Paul, Mai-trainer Alyec, and kitty hat-loving Brian. 

When Chloe finds Brian left for dead in an alley way, having been badly beaten, she knows that this war must stop. On his deathbed, Brian knows that there's only one thing he hasn't let himself do. Kiss Chloe, the girl he is in love with. Legend has it, as soon as a human and a Mai kiss, the human dies. 

But he doesn't have anything left to lose. In a feeble attempt to control the last moments of his life, Brian lifts his head and meets Chloe's lips with passion simmering beneath his skin. 

And he lives

Could love be the answer to the question of peace between the races? Will Chloe fight for her people by ridding their lives of the constant worry that a Tenth Blade will try to kill them? Does she have what it takes to sacrifice her life as a way to better her pride? 

As a three book series that I read in two days, I highly recommend this novel. You will not regret picking this up, nor will you be able to put it down. Check the link below to get all 3 at once! :D

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