Sunday, October 9, 2011

Falling further away from the Apple tree?

Will Kindle create a fire underneath the apple tree large enough to send potential buyers to Amazon? With a tablet priced at $199 and a release date of November 15th (just in time for Christmas shopping), it looks like Amazon will come out ahead of the tablet market.

Perfectly priced for aiming at parents, the Kindle Fire is reasonably priced for children focused gifts. Not to mention the games, books, and learning tools the Fire is supposed to have. Touch screen, USB ports, books, mags, music all are included in Kindle's first tablet. Although, it does lack some things that the I Pad brags of having - cameras, etc.

For a person that was intrigued at the I Pad 3, the Kindle Fire has me impatiently waiting for reviews to come out after the release, as I walk a little further away from the Apple Tree. :)

Check it out here, on Amazon. :D

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