Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Graveyard Games

Dusty's twin brother, Nick, is dead.

Police are claiming that it was a wild animal, but the way he was found...
eyes torn out, chest ripped open, entrails eaten, blood seeping into the concrete of the mausoleum that he was found locked in.

"You ever known a cat who could open doors?"

Not believing the conclusion, Dusty decides to investigate on her own. A former cop should be able to figure this out. Right? The night he was killed, Nick was with his best friend, Shane. With a killing spree going on around her and three more people turning up dead, Dusty must follow her instincts to protect her hometown, and herself.
* *
Sheri Leigh's thrilling, and bone-chilling, novel is a perfect choice for the Halloween season. See if you can solve the mystery along side Dusty in Graveyard Games. Readers become Dusty's partner in this personal investigation. They can relate to her mourning over the death of her brother, her emotional plight of acceptance, and her hope for closure with the past and a twin brother who seems to have had a few skeletons in his closet.

This novel kept me guessing the entire time and I'm still not sure if I believe the ending. I'm torn between what I wanted to happen and what did happen (novels that end that way are always a little bittersweet).  Some of the events are a little unbelievable, but that's how the supernatural is and I can accept that, with only slight disappointment. Who am I to argue with an author's intentions? Regardless, I would definitely recommend this novel for a little Halloween horror, nothing that will send you into cold sweats or keep you up with nightmares, just keep you turning pages.

Graveyard Games is a finely crafted novel with a twist at the end you will never see coming.

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