Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hiding in the Closet

Maddie Springer as two problems:
1. She's late. As in late... (but is too scared to take a pregnancy test)
2. Her boyfriend is missing, and has been for a few days.

Scared that she's carrying Richard's child, Maddie, the main character in Spying in High Heels, plans on talking to him about it before she can handle the results of a pregnancy test. Only he cancels their lunch date and then fails to keep his promise of calling her later that night.

The weekend passes and no still no word. So she does what any normal-perhaps-pregnant woman would do. She breaks into his house. Maddie finds the house empty with a stale air. She searches the condo for any sign of where her boyfriend disappeared to when another man enters the house.

With a gun. 

Hiding in the closet, Maddie manages to stay clear of the gunman, but now she has a third problem. What is a man with a gun doing rifling through her boyfriend's condo?

The writing in this book is fresh and hilarious. Gemma Halliday does a wonderful job in placing the reader right in the high heels of the narrator. At only chapter 2, I am delighted with this novel! Kick off your favorite pair of slingbacks and cuddle up with this book!

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