Thursday, October 13, 2011

Igniting an Internal Passion

a) A sexy scandal. 
b) A romp around the photography studio. 
c) Unconditional love at the peak of a broken heart. 
d) All of the Above

Hope Tarr covers a lot of ground in Vanquished, one novel in "The Men of Roxbury House" series. Tarr brings the reader to their knees praying that Hadrian St. Claire survives the fight for Caledonia, the love of his life. With a blunt writing style that paints an accurate portrait of certain events, Tarr consumes the mind's eye of the reader, igniting an internal passion to have ... more. 

Readers slip into the pages, relating to the characters as Tarr shows their faults as well as their virtues. Hadrian's had a life full of mistakes and now is the chance to turn it all around. To accept his past, his present, and to make his future. A universal struggle that Tarr brings to the forefront. 

Correct answer? 

Begin this novel and fall in love with the first man from Roxbury House. 

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