Friday, October 14, 2011

Only Eight Lives to Go

Chloe King is a cat person. 
She can leap across buildings, move her body in acrobatic forms, ... extend her claws?? 

Chloe has just turned 16 and something, other than hormones, is racing through her body, transforming her into a comic book like human who can fight beside the best heroes. And it seems she has nine lives to do it in. 

After a fall from a 200 feet tower, a quick escape from the emergency room, Chloe knows that something is definitely going on. Not to mention the sudden attention of Alyec and Brian, two more-than-hot boys who, before her sixteenth birthday, would have never paid her the time of day. 

But Chloe doesn't have (enough) time to ogle over these handsome teenagers because someone is after her. The Order of the Ten Blades has sent an executioner to finish her off, no matter how many tries it takes. An orphan from the Soviet, Chloe must be careful with who she trusts, learn to understand her "superpowers," and pass Trig without getting herself killed. 

A character who is hard to relate to, more than a little bitchy, and walks a mile over on the wild side. Another exciting novel that I could not put down. On to Book 2...
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