Monday, October 10, 2011

A Price too High?

Hadrian St. Claire needs money. 500 pounds or death, promised by those he is indebted to. Two weeks to come up with the money and no prospective photography jobs.

Until a strange man walks into his photography shop and wants to hire him for 5000 pounds. More than enough to pay his debt. The job? Take a nude photograph of Caledonia Rivers, the leader of a women's suffrage group who is highly renowned for her maidenhood, in order to stop her bill in Parliament. Blacken her reputation and remove the threat of women voting.

Caledonia, beautiful, vulnerable, intriguing. When Hadrian first set eyes on her his heart was warmed. A warmth  that he had never known before. A simple skipped heart beat and he can't wait to see her again. And then this offer...

Will Hadrian accept the 5000 pounds in order to ruin Caledonia's reputation and clear his name in the streets of England? Or is the price too high to accept this unmoral task?

Hope Tarr's novel, Vanquished, creates a heavy dilemma that will force readers to question their own morality and how far they would go to ensure their own survival.

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