Thursday, November 3, 2011

A.K.A Vampirism

Today I decided to buy the second novel in the Vampire for Hire series by J.R. Rain, Vampire Moon. That was five hours ago. I am currently wondering if I should buy the third one, because I'm already finished with the second one.

Samantha Moon is a private investigator with a rare skin disease. AKA - vampirism.
In this riveting sequel to Moon Dance, Samantha is working two cases:
1. Searching for a crime lord so her client can take his revenge.
2. Protecting Monica, a nice young woman whose husband has vowed to kill her, even as he sits on death row.

Sounds difficult, unless you have super human strength, psychic intuition, and the ability to fly. Not to mention, invisibility from video surveillance.

This novel, much like the first one, grabbed me by the throat and had me reading as fast as I could. I physically could not put this novel down (well, kindle, but still). With a werewolf for a lover, a knack for automatic writing, a best friend (Fang) whose she's never met, and a dead-beat husband who needs some good old fashioned karma, I read this entire novel in one sitting.

If anyone is looking for the next book that will knock them away from their usual genre - read this. Read this. Read this.

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Vampire Moon on Amazon
rating: 5/5 cups

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