Sunday, November 20, 2011

As Fate Would Have It

Again I give in and pick up a paranormal novel. And again, I love it. S. L. Baum takes the mystery of the unknown to a new level with A Chance for Charity.

Charity has moved so many times in her ninety years that she can't remember her name. Her current name that is, the one on the attendance sheet at her new high school in a small Colorado town. Wishing she could act her appearance age of twenty instead of seventeen, she soon changes her mind when she sees Link for the first time at a Halloween school dance.

They are drawn together, as fate would seem to have it. The kind of love that people dream (and read) about.

But neither one is safe. Charity and her unrelated family are hiding from the Lord brothers. A history of violence and hunting between the Lord family and the race of Charity's people threatens to expose them in this friendly small town. Now that Charity has found someone to love, can she give it all up to go into hiding somewhere new? For a romance that will have you cheeks hurting from smiling so much, pick up this book (currently free for the Kindle) and smile away. One of the many books that I've not been able to put down after chapter one.

rating 4/5 cups

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