Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Journey to be Seen

Ivy Malone is invisible.

After the death of her best friend, Thea, Ivy realizes that her old age has made her invisible to the world. Lorena McCourtney's novel Invisible follows Ivy Malone in a journey to be seen. However, this journey is unlike most. Ivy decides to use her invisibility to help solve a neighborhood mystery of murder and vandalism.

The feeling of invisibility is a threatening state that we all have had the trouble of dealing with. Whether we feel it, or want to obtain it. Readers can connect with Ivy through her emotional turmoil of being unseen. A universal despondency.

Invisibility can cause us to do a number of different things. Push us forward or force us further back into the shadows. For Ivy, it causes her to follow her curiosity in hopes that her invisibility will help her track down a killer and stop the cemetery vandalism, eventually removing the cloak of the unseen from her shoulders.

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