Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Believing the Superstitions

The black cat.
Never walking under a ladder.
Friday the 13th.

We all know the familiar superstitions. But is it true that if you believe in something enough, you give life to it?

Beth Ciotta explores this idea in her novel Jinxed with our heroine, Afia. Born on Friday the 13th, she believes herself to be the most unlucky girl in the world. And after her financial adviser runs away with her money, not to mention two dead husbands under her belt labeling her "The Black Widow", it's an easy thing to believe.

Knowing that she has the worst luck, Afia is determined to start her life over. Without her millions of dollars and without her talisman of good luck charms she wears around her wrist.

As a woman raised to believe she is the epitome of superstition, can she find a way to stop all of her bad luck?

The reader can connect with Afia based on her self-esteem. Afia doesn't believe in herself and readers can hold onto that. Not saying that readers have low self esteem, but we all have areas where we excel and areas where we struggle. The hope that Afia has to change her bad luck can be interpreted as altering her outlook on the life she was given. With hard work, determination, and positive affirmations, Afia begins to create the life she has always wanted inspiring readers with her (hilarious) journey.
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