Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Defensive Disguise

Do we, as people, hide behind a carefully planned disguise to guard ourselves from the cruelties of the world? 

In Sins of a Wicked Duke, by Sophie Jordan, Fallon O'Rourke believes that that is the only way for her to be safe in a world of mischievous men. Fallon has never had an easy life, working for every bit of food and any shelter that she can find. Yet she finds she feels the safest when she's disguised as a footman, working for the "demon" duke, Dominic Hale.  

Are the disguises that we give ourselves a defense tactic? Or are we simply afraid to show our true selves to those who may harm us? These questions surfaced while I was reading this novel and I found myself connecting with Fallon because of her tactics. Hiding herself away in order to achieve her long term goal, a home of her own. Many people have been in similar situations where they must act a certain way and give a specific appearance in order to blend in with the crowd. 

But just as Fallon questioned her tactics, we must also ask, when is it time to come out of hiding? 
rating: 3/5 cups

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