Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Duke For Hire

It begins with a woman looking for a husband.

Not love.

It also begins with the same woman mistaking a duke for a common business solicitor.

When he's hired by her to find her a husband, preferably, a duke, and preferably, on her list of acceptable dukes. He agrees. Because really, with those eyes, how could he say no to her?

Except he, being a duke, isn't on the list. And he just also happens to be the one who has fallen in love with her.

Poor Elinor, being set up to fall in love with James Tremont when all she wanted was an acceptable marriage.
It's obvious to see that what Elinor really wants is just that, love. Only she believes (after her first husband was overly cruel) that it won't ever exist for her. After being hurt, we're all cautious to jump back in the world of relationships, and that is exactly where the reader connects with Elinor. Making this love story, Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle, laugh out loud funny and hopelessly endearing.
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rating: 4/5 cups

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