Monday, February 27, 2012

Brimming With Magic

The idea that beside the plane of our world is another, brimming with magic.

Rusty is the Witch of Avalon with the darkest demons watching her from the shadows, a son she'll do anything to protect, and the chance to truly love. Linda Eble-Swain weaves a story centered around Rusty in a novel that brings the magical plane and our reality of the world together, side by side.

The plot that Swain crafts is one of ups and downs, a magical roller-coaster. But I have to say, though I hate to, that the plot could have been woven more tightly together. The novel was bursting with potential, but the sub-plots didn't carry throughout the entire novel. Rather, they seemed to pop up out of nowhere when the characters were idle. I can understand that, perhaps, Swain wanted to surprise her readers with information only when it was needed, but to me those small details should have been interwoven throughout the novel so the reader wasn't discounting the author's ability to create a complete plot. There are examples of this throughout the novel, and though the plot was interesting, it did little more than confuse me. In short, the novel read like a second draft, (Maybe it's just the Kindle copy?) and I found myself mentally editing the book instead of enjoying the story.
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rating: 1/5 cups

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