Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sexual Competition

Do different sexes compete for control when it comes to intimate relationships?

Is it wrong for a man to desire the submissive role and for women to desire the dominate role? Does this change how we view a man and a woman? And if so, then why?

Sexual desires are a primal force. Whether we want to play either role, they are both within us as Homo sapiens, the species, the animal. MJ Rose plays with this idea throughout her novel The Delilah Complex. She places women in the seat of power with men obeying every rule. Switching the gender roles comes as a shock to the reader, but (after thinking about this a while) why should it? Sex is a basic instinct. Hormones, desires, the need to survive and continue our race.

We as people have labeled men as dominate and women as submissive, but the "times they are a changing." This novel had me hooked and forced me to look at society in a different way. Realizing that we create our own labels and choose to accept or reject them. The murder mystery plot (as one of my favorite genres) in the novel, helped to intensify my interest. Delightful novel that had me reading as fast as I could. :D

Just the way I like it.
The Delilah Complex on Amazon
rating: 4/5 cups

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