Monday, February 20, 2012

Swept Away with Love

Sandra D. Bricker's novel Always the Baker, Never the Bride is a story as sweet as the baking creations described within the pages.

Emma is an amazing pastry chef with awards tucked under her belt for the masterful creations she whips up in the kitchen. As a diabetic, she can only taste test her delectable desserts, never fully enjoying them.

Jackson is a man trying to step out of the shadows of his wife's death. Building a romantic wedding destination hotel was his wife's dream, and her only regret. He vows that he will see that dream brought to life to honor his wife.

The two meet when he hires Emma based on her reputation and problem solving attitude to be his head wedding cake designer.

As the two characters grow closer, their worries leak into the open. Jackson can't seem to stop comparing Emma to his deceased wife while Emma fears she'll end up like her parents: hating each other so much that they can't be in the same state, let alone the same room.

Always the Baker, Never the Bride is a novel of two people letting go of their fears and stepping into the chance of love while discovering new facets of their personalities they never thought to explore. Sandra D. Bricker will sweep you off of your feet with her words bringing you joy, understanding, hope, and laughter.
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rating: 5/5 cups

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