Monday, March 5, 2012

Do Not Resuscitate

Do not resuscitate.

Those were the letters that Dr. Elena Gardner wrote on her husband's chart while he lay in a coma. Then someone turned off his life support.

DNR. The letters that were written on Chester Pulliam's chart right before his life support was withdrawn. Signed by Dr. Elena Gardner. Except she wasn't the one who wrote them, this time.

Midnight calls every Tuesday to Elena's phone. Letters that guarantee she will pay for what she's done. A suspicious eye focused on her, waiting for her to slip up again.

In Richard Mabry's book, Diagnosis Death, Elena is being framed for multiple homicides. And the killer is getting closer. Are all of these threats connected or are they coming from separate sources? Mabry takes the reader on a trek through the hospitals in Texas, weaving in and out of patient rooms, forcing them to keep their eyes glancing back over their left shoulder.

The main character, Dr. Elena Gardner, is easy to connect with on a personal level. She's a woman who has lost someone very close to her and is still struggling with the pain that loss caused. Readers can easily compare their own loss with that of Elena's, bringing them closer to understanding the fears that hide in the pages. This novel is fast-paced, but doesn't omit the details needed to fully comprehend the plot. Wonderful read, especially for anyone who has interests in medicine.
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rating: 4/5 cups

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