Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gypsy Boy and Gentle Girl

Since childhood they have loved each other.
Win, the only one able to bring calm to Kev.
Kev, the one who doesn't believe he's worthy of Win's love.

Simon Howden
When Kev, a gypsy boy, is found by Win's father, he brings Kev home to be cared for and raised as one of his own in Lisa Kleypas' novel Seduce Me at Sunrise. Win is a gentle girl and as soon as Kev lays eyes on her, he knows he could never live without her. But a gypsy boy and a lady in society should never, could never, be together.

Then Win grows sick, severely weakened, the only answer a hospital in France. She would stay if Kev would only ask, but he knows he cannot, no matter how much they love each other.

But things change quickly when she returns to England - healthy. With a handsome doctor in tow who has his eyes set on marrying Win.
* * 
Lisa Kleypas does yet another wonderful job in telling this love story. The reader can form a connection with Win almost immediately. The young girl who will do anything for love, but is unable because of something she cannot control. Readers will find themselves thinking as Win, struggling for a life of their own without the air of sickness and pity, and demanding charge of herself. A woman who wants to make her own decisions, strike out for what she wants, and damn what others want for her. 

Yet, stubbornness gets in the way, as it seems to want to do. Kev doesn't want to take any chances with Win in which she might be worse off. Therefore he ignores her love, or tries to. Stubbornness at its best. And though readers can connect with his fear of love and the unknown outcome, I'm sure they'll side with the other family members in wanting to scream "What in the hell are you doing?" and in turn, slap some sense into Kev.

  Seduce Me at Sunrise
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                       rating: 4/5 cups

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