Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Lady Most Likely - Guest Blogger

I picked up The Lady Most Likely because, firstly, Julia Quinn (who is my personal favorite) is one of the authors involved and secondly because it seemed to hold amusing potential. This is the second book collaboration I've  completed and, although, I found the first one slightly repetitive I decided to give this one a shot.

Carolyn Finchley is hosting a house party just after the London season in an attempt to find a wife for her brother (upon his request). Thus a gathering of available men and women alike find themselves tossed together for games of hide-and-seek, hoping to discover their perfect match.  

The main characters of the bunch include: 
                   Hugh --  Carolyn’s horse loving brother 
                   Katherine -- out spoken and head strong
                   Neill -- the war-hero returned 
                   Gewndolyn -- the most desired of the season 
                   Alec -- dragged along to chaperone is sister Octavia 
                   Georgina -- the widow whom never plans to marry 

I personally thought that much fun and laughter was soon to commence, but instead found myself already confused by Chapter 5.  Chapter 4 begins from Gwen’s point of view, where on her morning walk she stumbles upon Alec, they have a pleasant conversation and he offers to escort her back to the house. 

Chapter 5 however is from Alec’s point of view where the conversation between them is quite different than that of the same conversation in chapter 4. After becoming rather "well acquainted," he sends Gwen back by herself to allow himself a dip in the cold pond.   

I found myself annoyed once again by a phrase that I read on page 149, “hell bent babe.” I feel this term wouldn't have been used in this time period and I found it quite out of place in this book. 

Other than those painfully irksome parts in the novel I continued and finished without much satisfaction. It was rather mediocre and I’ve found that with these three part novels you don’t really have time to attach yourselves to the characters. There was one particular pairing that I would have enjoyed an entire book about instead of only a third. I did find myself smiling at some parts and a few parts were quite amusing though.


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                            rating: 3/5 cups

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