Tuesday, March 13, 2012


When Paige Hart meets her legal adversary, Ross Bennett, she can only compare him to a snake.

Well, an "extremely handsome snake."

Karen Shaw
Then there's an explosion and Paige awakens in a hospital room. With Ross. Staring at her exposed bottom. The letters on the window to the hall way reading "Quarantine."

The two patients become terrified immediately, and soon discover they may have contracted a disease. The main symptom being lust.

With a required fourteen day quarantine, Paige and Ross must remain in the hospital room with only each other as company until the Center for Disease Control determines if they have contracted the disease. Until then, they must live with the symptoms, which exponentially increase every day they're together.

* *
Trish Jensen's novel, Stuck With You, was beyond funny. The witticism between Paige and Ross is unbelievable! Verbal warfare at its finest. I was incredibly impressed with the writing style, the plot, and character development throughout the entire novel. 

Paige is a sweetheart who can't seem to not hold Bennett's career choice against him. Even she can't understand why she's so mean to him. Across the hospital room, Ross is an understanding, genuinely good guy, who refuses to prove Paige wrong, but rather lets her discover it for herself. 

Oh, and the sub-plots throughout the novel, really kick it up a notch. The main side story is between Nick and Rachel, who dated back in college and are reunited at the hospital. Their part of the plot is one of heartfelt nature that will make any reader's eyes watery. 

In it's entirety, Stuck With You is a novel for everyone. It holds passion, romance, comedy, and surprise. Even a thrill every now and then. It's a book that will truly stick with you. 

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                  rating: 5/5 cups

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