Friday, March 30, 2012

To Their Kingdoms or Their Graves

"For when kings clash, the whole land trembles."

When the blood of the comet cuts through the sky, everyone feels it's a sign. But interpretations vary to the six people who fight for the right to call themselves King... or Queen. Those who worship the old gods, the new gods, and the Lord of Light, among others, all know that this comet has come to show them the way.

To their kingdoms or their graves.

The second novel in the series A Song of Fire and Ice, A Clash of Kings picks up where A Game of Thrones ended, revealing betrayal, war, magic, history, loyalty, and revenge. When each action claims several consequences, the throne isn't as easy to sit upon as some would like to think.
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George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings is a novel that shows no favorites and deafens to the sound of mercy. The struggle for the kingdom is chaos and everyone fighting for the land believes they're the one who should sit The Iron Throne. And all of them have good reason. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, although I found myself getting a little lost at times, trying to keep up with the various plot lines that carry through the novel. The world that Martin creates is so multi-dimensional that it's histories, characters, and motives are more than relatable. They're understandable. 

I was able to form a bond with various characters, whether I had sided with their cause or not. Martin makes it difficult to choose one ally and remain loyal throughout the entire story. The people I thought were villains at the beginning, had my understanding and respect by the end. (I'm still all for Winterfell, though, so don't worry)

But winter is still coming, and the Iron Throne is the fire that promises warmth.

        A Clash of Kings

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