Monday, April 2, 2012

Nowhere Near Normal

Poppy Hathaway longs for a normal life. Her family, though nowhere near normal, is wonderful and loving but Poppy doesn't want that life for herself. She wants a routine. She wants predictability.

Simon Howden
And marrying Michael would do just that.

Marrying Harry Rutledge, hotel owner and inventor, would not.

After a scandal, including Poppy, erupts at a society ball, she is made an offer of marriage... from Harry, to save her reputation.

Harry has already made it clear that he'll do anything to make sure she says yes, because he refuses to not have Poppy for himself.
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Tempt Me At Twilight by Lisa Klepas, (whom I've come to love as an author !) was absolutely thrilling, heart wrenching, and loving. The Hathaway family is a circus of various amusements with Poppy quickly becoming one of my favorite sisters. I read the entire book in one sitting, :)

Poppy is a strong young woman who accepts herself. She loves politics, debating, questioning motives, basically everything a woman should not talk about in London society. But, she also longs for normalcy, which is impossible for a Hathaway to obtain. 

Harry Rutledge though is a different matter. I liked the character well enough but he had a few traits that I couldn't imagine in a man for Poppy. He was controlling, domineering, selfish, and had to have his way - no matter what it cost. Not that he wasn't civil, even nice, to Poppy, but as the story played out I kept thinking that she didn't deserve this man. Although, the end did take out my tongue for saying that. :) 

Tempt Me At Twilight 

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  1. *SPOILERS* I have to disagree about Harry Rutledge! It wasn't his fault that he was that way and by the end he was a completely unguarded loving man. I actually found it quite charming when he said I would do anything to have her. (I think I'm attracted to dominate personalities though... and scoundrels like Leo... oh dear).
    I have to say that excitement wise this was probably my least favorite so far. I'm most excited about Beatrix now! The scene with Rutledge and Cam fighting I found to be hilarious. I love the Hathaway family! (and this blog!)