Friday, June 8, 2012

Love Unlisted

Grace Shields keeps her hectic life manageable one way and one way only: she makes lists, lots of them. Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies. Lists of her boyfriend’s Pros and Cons. Lists about her favorite places to get a pizza. To Grace, each one is a very serious matter. And that’s why no one ever reads the lists. Well, no one except for a few people who got a hold of them by accident…

1. Her best friend Bernsie, who understands the lists might be the only thing keeping Grace out of an asylum;
2. A child psychologist she was forced to see after her father passed away and the listing become more than just a hobby;
3. A very-nearly-almost fiancé who left Grace because of the lists.

Now, as Grace struggles to deal with a career that’s getting away from her and the frustration of living with her brother George, the lists are all she can do to cope.

Enter Colin Kilbourne, a free-spirited musician with a knack for ruffling Grace’s pristine feathers. And spilling coffee on her favorite work clothes. Immediately drawn to his carefree, stress-free attitude, Grace knows they’d be mismatched in every possible way. But that mischievous charm is hard to resist. What’s a girl to do when the lists tell you to do one thing and your hearts tells you another?

*May Contain Spoilers*
Stephanie Haddad's novel Love Unlisted, revels in the glory that her first novel, A Previous Engagement, earned her. It's a wonderful love story with a quirky main character. I was literally laughing and reading lines out loud starting on page... two. The way that Haddad writes is so conversational. It's easy to follow exactly what's happening in the novel because of the simple, realistic writing style. 

Grace is such a lovable main character. Yes, she does appear to have a little mental instability when it comes to list-making, but she is also helpful, caring, and hilarious. Not to mention judgmental, rash, and self-conscious. This true-to-life character is easy to connect with from the very beginning. The readers are told the story from Grace's point of view and get to understand the inter-workings of her character. In my opinion, and Colin's, she's a little too dependent on other people and a little too weepy, but she's working on it. 

She has slight mental issues stemming from her dad dying when she was young. But the people around her try to help in their own way. The love interest, Colin, is her complete opposite and Haddad hints that he may be the one who finally helps Grace live her life.  Even the side story with Grace and her brother George is sweet and believable. Though they do fight more times than not. 

Readers will not be disappointed with Haddad after completing Love Unlisted. What's even better? Characters Ava and Jay make their own appearance in the Haddad's next novel: Love Regifted

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rating: 4/5 cups

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