Monday, June 25, 2012

Release of The Turned

My novel, The Turned, is officially up on Amazon for purchase. I'm getting great feedback so far and am thoroughly pleased that readers are enjoying it! I've heard there were a few typos, which I'm working on getting fixed.

The novel is only $2.99 and I'm currently working on a few promotions that will allow readers to download it for free! :D Below is a little blurb about the novel, but don't worry, no spoilers! I want you to be as surprised as the main characters when things really heat up below the ocean...

"Thomas Winters, world-renowned marine biologist, disappeared on a life changing expedition that he told no one about. With Thomas presumed dead, the Winters family struggled to go on living.

Ten years later, his daughter, Lana, receives a birthday present in the mail -- her father's lost logbook. After years of searching and finding nothing, could this logbook be the key to her father's whereabouts?

Determined to rescue her father, Lana attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding his disappearance. Where it will lead her, Lana will never expect.

All she knows is that her father is alive, and she won't stop until she finds him. "

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