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Tremble (Celestra #2)

Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is determined to bring back the dead.

For Skyla, being an angel from the coveted Celestra faction hasn't been easy.

An entire band of wicked angels is after her blood, a Sector is after something far more sinister, and her newfound powers lead her on a quest to save her dead father.

Skyla and her boyfriend Logan try to piece together a plan to take down the Countenance in order to maintain their relationship, but will Skyla's burgeoning feelings for Gage get in the way?

And when Skyla decides to use her powerful blood to change the fate of another deceased soul, just who is going to stop her? - Goodreads

*May Contain Spoilers*

It took me a little while, but I finally got a day to read Addison Moore's novel, Tremble. It's the second book in the Celestra series and I devoured it, like a fem. (You'll get it after you read the books...) The first one, Ethereal, was a YA novel that caught me in it's web. If you haven't had the chance to read it, it's quick, easy, and a fun read. (Read my review here)  

I must say, Tremble is definitely better than Ethereal. I like them both, but you can really tell how Addison Moore evolved as an author from the first book to the second. She still writes from Skyla's point of view, which makes everything require a teenage-mindset. But the evolution of Moore means the evolution of Skyla. Both of which are good things. :) 

I'm still not to privy to Skyla, per se. She's still selfish and a little b*tchy, not to mention she can not make her mind when it comes to boys... but she is determined, loving (in her own way), and the filter between the brain and mouth... yep, still not there. Which I'm honestly happy about. 

I am coming to like Gage and Logan a lot more. We learn secrets about Logan in this installment which will blow your mind. And Gage... he's trying to win Skyla's heart. He's such a sweet character, I think that readers can't help but like him, even with his stalker-ish tendencies. 

The plot in this installment is definitely as well thought out as the first and easier to understand. Skyla doesn't jump around too much and actually explains things that need explaining. All the while, Moore intentionally leaves certain things out leaving us all craving more. I absolutely loved learning more about the Counts (evil guys!) and a couple of specific characters that hold that title... 

And I'm off to buy the third book. Happy Reading! :)

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rating: 4/5 cups

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