Saturday, August 4, 2012

Murder in Silence

When two police officers are found with their throats ripped open with surgical precision, there are no witnesses to the crime and no connections between the dead officers. Left with two clues that make no sense, Inspector Duke Becker is about to face a diabolical killer whose rampage has just begun.

The tenacious Becker, head of the NYPD's Special Investigations Unit's Homicide Division, is proud of his impeccable record for solving unusual or high profile murders. But the bulldog detective may be facing the most challenging case of his career as he desperately searches to either find some connection between the two murdered cops or deal with the less than desirable alternative-that someone is randomly killing cops for no reason whatsoever.

With only bizarre clues to follow, Becker and his squad immerse themselves in a deadly race to stop a killer before another police officer's throat is brutally slashed and the city of New York is thrown into turmoil.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Gary Kassay introduces the next great detective, Duke Becker, in his novel Murder in Silence. This mystery/thriller will have readers scared in their seats for the characters. After all, the killer is after cops and the main characters just happen to be them. 

The story revolves around Duke, a great investigator for the NYPD. He's also an all around great guy. Readers will have to try not to love him. Plus, Kassay writes the character with so many dimensions, readers will feel their connection to him grow stronger as the book continues. 

At first, I thought this would be the same as every other crime novel, but it truly stands apart. Readers get an inside look at what being a detective is really about. I admit, I laughed when Duke compared his work to movies, TV shows, and books. If only it were that easy of a job. At one point, I honestly didn't even think Duke would solve the case. 

The only part I had a real problem with was the sub-plot of Duke and Liz, the love interest. She was an incredibly important part of the story, but the romance side of things moved too quickly to make me believe the (prompt) succession of their feelings. Though it did satisfy my girly side. I think this sub-plot will bring more of a female audience to his novel, which is always good. 

Now, the plot. Oh, goodness, where do I begin? It is absolutely unpredictable, unstable, and so outrageous it has to be based on something true. Like I said, I honestly doubted whether or not Duke would even solve the case. Who knew that Death and Pain could create such chaos?

Kassay did a top-notch job at weaving this story line. If one reader in the world figures out the end before it happens, I owe them a coffee. :) Though I am happy to report, I figured out how TWO whole clues fit in, all by myself. 

rating: 4/5 cups

note of source: from Sapphire Star Publishing for review

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