Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Rules of Life

The first edition of The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life became a global phenomenon, topping bestseller charts around the world. This revised edition includes nine new rules to take you further, faster. Author Richard Templar brings together 106 practical rules that happy, successful people follow, even if they've never thought about it. These are realistic, commonsense things you can do differently, starting today... small things that make a powerful difference.

Templar offers real wisdom on:
Deciding what's important and what isn't
Focusing on changes you really can make
Using your intuition
Learning positive lessons from your regrets
Having great dreams and making practical plans
Staying young
Forgiving without becoming a pushover
 Follow The Rules of Life. You'll feel better. You'll be a better friend, partner, and parent. And you'll leave the world a better place.

Refreshing, motivational, and all around happiness-inducing, Richard Templar presents his rule book, The Rules of Life. Numbered 1-106, Templar outlines various rules to live by, or at least to apply to life. Broken down into four sections: Personal, Partner, Friends, and Social, this book covers it all. 

Some are simple and easy to follow in everyday life. While others are more intrinsic, requiring thought, decision, and dedication. Most of these, readers will find are morally astute. We often already focus on bringing these "rules" into our everyday actions. However, some are more difficult to understand and therefore apply. These rules reach deeper into lifetime commitments of change for the better. 

Of course, not all rules can be followed at all times. Templar knows and shares that truth throughout his book. After all, I'm breaking the first one as I write this review: Keep it Under Your Hat. The fact that failure happens, was a refreshing attitude to read about in a rule book for life. But as long as there is the attempt, there is only failure, and it doesn't seem as degrading or embarrassing when put into perspective. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone. Even if not for application, this book gives perspective. And I like that, it's quite helpful at times. =)

And with this review, I am also happy to say that I have completed my Fall Into Reading 2012 Challenge

Rating: 4/5 Cups

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