Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yellow Socks and Blood Spots - Blog Tour

Yellow Socks and Blood SpotsSynopsis:
Two lines means pregnant, and pregnant is the very last thing seventeen-year-old Isabelle wants to be. She’s just beginning her senior year, she’s rekindling the respectable relationship she once had with her family and she’s finally fallen in love.

Her boyfriend, Jason, wants an abortion, while Isabelle wants to give her baby a chance at life, whether that means adoption or raising her baby herself. Her situation raises a question of values, beliefs, rights, societal expectations and personal opinions, and as Isabelle’s friends and family discover the news, they seem to think that only they know what’s best for her and her baby. Within two weeks of finding out about their beautiful disaster, Isabelle and Jason have to come to a mutual agreement and make a life or death decision.

A controversial topic is brought to life with Bailey Thompson's novel, Yellow Socks and Blood Spots. She's a teenage author who set out to tackle a subject that draws a prominent line in the sand. 

Isabelle is the main character and readers will have the chance to connect with her emotionally even if they don't agree with her decision. She's a bright young girl who makes a terrible mistake by not using protection when she first experiments with sex. She's undoubtedly a courageous girl but is weak when it comes to standing behind her own opinions. Throughout the novel, she is against abortion, but her boyfriend manages to convince her to go through with it. Isabelle's emotional struggle will evoke strong feelings from readers. Written in first person, the readers get a front seat take on what she goes through, constantly questioning what the right choice is. 

The plot follows Isabelle through her pregnancy, the abortion she doesn't want, and the debilitating emotions that follow. Though Thompson occasionally repeats herself, contradicts earlier statements and decisions, and leaves a couple questions unanswered, Yellow Socks and Blood Spots is a wonderful novel. It explores teenage pregnancy from the perspective of a teenager. It explores the chaos of unknown emotions, worries, hopes, and dreams that bloom from a situation like this. Bailey Thompson's novel is highly recommended to give perspective, discover various views on a controversial topic, and exploring the emotional impact of teenage pregnancy.

Rating: 3/5 Cups

Meet the Author:
Bailey J Thompson is a teenage author that resides in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She has been storytelling since the moment she could talk, and has since developed passions for creative writing, photography, nature and the environment. Yellow Socks and Blood Spots is her debut novel.

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