Friday, August 9, 2013

Pieces of Lies

Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1)Passionately driven artist, Norah Ross, has been banished from New York to Morewell for her final semester of graphic design at McLaren University. Her move allows her to reconnect with Josh, her best friend, who is more then thrilled at Norah's appearance back into his life.

At the same time that Norah steps back into Josh's heart, she learns that he is in the process of being accepted into McLaren's uber exclusive secret society, the 'Lappell'. Josh takes Norah to the Lappell's glamorous parties in the hope of taking their friendship to the next level, but when Norah meets the handsome and elusive Clint Weston, a leader in the Lappell, he sweeps her off her feet in more ways then one.

Norah quickly becomes caught up in an emotional tug-of-war between the two guys while also trying to deal with her own secrets that follow her every day. When Norah's past begins to intertwine with her present, what unfolds is a series of dramatic events filled with romance, mystery and dark motivations. She quickly realizes the path to real love can be paved in all kinds of lies.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Angela Richardson brushes the cobwebs away, offering up the unveiling of terrifying secrets in her novel, Pieces of Lies. Everyone has a secret as Norah, Josh, and Clint try to survive the Lappell, who have been known to stop at nothing to get what they want. 

Norah Ross, the main character, is an artist who uses her emotions and painful past as inspiration. She's passionate and full of life, brave yet terrified, open to love but closed off to her deeper self. Norah has a haunting past that she tries to escape when she leaves New York City. As it threatens to catch up to her, readers will begin to connect with this girl who's too afraid to even be herself. The heartbroken foundation that readers are introduced to will be the first step in a strong connection. Familial complications will draw readers into her life, asking questions that will lead them deeper into Norah's psyche. Her chance at happiness will have hope blooming in the hearts of readers while her troubled nature will keep their interest piqued. 

The plot is a combination of story lines that will entangle readers. The secret society plot brings mystery and danger to the novel while Norah's struggle with her romantic interests provides much more than mere entertainment. Pieces of Lies sets a good pace while still keeping certain secrets behind the curtain, pulling readers forward. Richardson does a good job at crafting a story centered around the shattering of secrets without giving them all away in the first act. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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