Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Death Never Sleeps

18123455Veteran Homicide Detective James "Big Jim" Donegan and his partner, Detective Chris Hunter, have been called to scene of their latest case, a strangled call girl who has been put halfway through a wood chipper that was left unattended in one of the city's parks.

*May Contain Spoilers

David Grace gives fans a crime thriller with meaningful coincidence, intriguing connections, and unusual leads in his novel, Death Never Sleeps. When James and Chris are handed the case, it turns out the killer isn't the only mystery they'll be solving. 

James, "Big Jim," is the father figure of the Murder Crimes Unit. He informally adopted Chris at a young age and raised him with rules to live by. Big Jim is the detective who gives second chances, even to the most unwarranted suspect. Readers will enjoy his gut feelings, his belief that coincidences don't exist, and the nature in which he handles both suspects and witnesses. 

Chris is the complete opposite of Big Jim but that doesn't stop him from trying to emulate his role model. Chris would rather write computer programs and formulate plans than speak to a witness; facts in lieu of faces. As a character, he's completely lost when it comes to people. He struggles with connecting and understanding others. Readers will laugh at the jokes Chris doesn't get and like him that much more for it. 

The plot of Death Never Sleeps brings readers into the murder investigation of an escort, which somehow connects to another murder, this time a school principal. As Big Jim and Chris whittle their way through the facts, lack of evidence, and criminal procedures, readers will be intrigued and entertained by the two main characters. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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