Monday, May 19, 2014

A Fool Among Fools

18159376It's 1986. Ronald Reagan is in the White House, Molly Ringwald is on the cover of Time and 29-year-old Michael Gregoretti is a struggling, underpaid copywriter at a big New York ad agency. He'd rather be writing plays; instead, he's writing awful commercials for a moisturizer formulated to conquer that dire, life-threatening condition: handruff.

Michael reluctantly accepts an assignment on a brand-new (and very secret) product – an aerosol butter – hoping it will lead to the kind of work that will land him a better job at another agency. But there's a catch: Working on this new account will also mean working for the rigid, compulsive and quite possibly insane Gwen Hammond, who thinks that Michael, with his off-the-wall ideas and unconventional campaigns, is just too much of a rebel to work with such a conservative client.

To further complicate life, Michael meets and falls for Craig Connolly, an absolute dreamboat from the South with a voice like FM radio and a face to match. Craig claims he'd like to be in a relationship and Michael wants to believe it. The problem is, Craig is already married – to his job.

Michael survives it all with the help of his two best friends: Irene Lucca, a witty book editor with a flair for vintage clothing and an eye for the art director Michael works with, and Anthony DeLorenzo, Michael's wise (and wisecracking) roommate and staunchest supporter.

*May Contain Spoilers*

John Terracuso gives readers an inside look at the advertising struggle in his novel, A Fool Among Fools. Michael lives in New York City and just wants one thing: to catch a break. Whether it be with work, with love, or with his writing. 

Michael Gregoretti is the main character of this humorous novel. He's complex and displays both admirable qualities and obvious flaws. The novel captures one year of his life, outlining his hatred for the copywriting job he has at an advertising agency and his hope for romantic comedy love. Michael is creative and funny with wit and the ability to complain about everything. He's very open with his feelings and opinions, knowing that the toes he steps on are the ones that will come back to haunt him. Readers will enjoy the bluntness of his character, connecting with his desire to fall in love and fulfill his career goals. Though the bond will be worn down by Michael's consistently pessimistic attitude as it becomes weary after only a short time. 

The story is the depiction of Michael's 29th year, his birthday introduces the novel and turning thirty ends it. During this year, he takes part in a selfish relationship and attempts to fatten his writing portfolio with commercial work. Readers will certainly enjoy the writing style of Terracuso but may have trouble forming a concrete bond with the main character. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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  1. I am loving that cover! I have always and will always want a blue typewriter. Moving on, this sounds like an interesting read, but it saddens me that I may not be able to connect with the main characters. Thanks for the review!