Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dream of the Dead




Enter DI Jack Ravenshaw. A young, talented officer with a secret: he belongs to England's most famous dynasty of actors. When Scotland Yard uncovers his hidden past, his acting experience, and his formidable connections, he becomes the perfect choice to investigate the producer's killing. Against his wishes, he must return to London's West End.

Cast back into one of the most vibrant - and violent - areas of the country, Ravenshaw is quickly surrounded by sexy performers, shadowy assistants, and powerful investors. Finding the truth seems almost impossible. Devious suspects lie at every turn. Corrupt officers sabotage his inquiry. Even his mind tricks him with dreams and hallucinations about his past. Yet with the help of his mysterious partner, DS Emily Hart, Ravenshaw must put all his skills into action against an ingenious, twisted, and ruthless killer...

But can he solve the case before another person is murdered?

*May Contain Spoilers*

M.G. Scarsbrook creates a wonderful concoction of theatre, murder, and mystery with his novel, Dream of the Dead, the first book in the West End Murder series. Charlie Maitland is the novel's victim, but he isn't the only one, and Jack Ravenshaw is recruited to solve the case that was originally labeled as a suicide. 

Jack Ravenshaw became an investigator for one reason, to solve his father's murder. However, it is still too fresh for objectivity. He takes on other cases in hopes that one day, he'll be ready to face his haunted past. With Scotland Yard bringing him back to London, Ravenshaw is thrown into the world he tried to escape: that of the theatre. Jack is a character that's too easy to like. He's incredibly smart, full of common sense, and asks all the right questions. His creative mind assists him in his investigative work, allowing him to rearrange the bigger picture until it reveals all that is hidden. Readers will enjoy his straight-forward attitude as well as empathize with his past, laying a firm foundation for the continuation of the series. 

The plot begins when Ravenshaw saves a woman trying to commit suicide. Unknown to him, this woman is a witness to the mystery of Charlie Maitland's death. After their brief meeting, Ravenshaw is forced back to London to lead the investigation. Scarsbrook whisks readers into the world of theatre with his mysterious tale, thoroughly engaging readers and promising them more to come. 

Rating: 4/5 Cups

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