Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Beholder

17860700Around the world, people die under mysterious circumstances. Each has a sign. Each is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. A NYC interior designer Jason Walker receives a message saying he is the final piece.

Emily Ethan, a startling beauty with supernatural powers, appears and tells Jason that powers dormant within him are about to wake. He is the only person who can prevent darkness from enslaving the world. He is the Beholder whose advent has been awaited for many years.

Setting out on a journey with Emily, Jason discovers the world he could have never imagined, but the greatest surprise arrives the moment he realizes he has fallen in love with Emily.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Ivan Amberlake introduces Lightsighted and Darksighted to the world with his novel, The Beholder. With supernatural abilities, the Sighted are a group of people that span the Earth fighting for either good or evil. A prophecy proclaims that the Beholder is about to awaken and he's the only chance the Lightsighted have to win against evil. 

Jason Walker is an interior designer. He and his two friends, Matt and Debbie, are employed by the same company and thoroughly enjoy their work. But lately, Jason has been having nightmares about things that couldn't ever be possible. When he realizes that his nightmares are visions, he is catapulted into an alternate reality of chaos where everyone believes he'll be the world's savior. Jason is an interesting character. Readers will enjoy discovering a new world full of energy and light through his eyes. Jason is loyal, a little gullible, and possesses just the right amounts of fear and bravery. A connection will be formed through interest and intrigue. 

The plot of the novel follows Jason's journey toward awakening the Sight within him. It's a long, arduous process that spans nearly the entire novel. With many surprises, near death experiences, and battles between good and evil, The Beholder will keep readers enthralled. The new world reality that comes with the Sight is, at times, difficult to follow, but Amberlake does a good job at explaining everything for the reader. Interested to see where the Sight takes Jason in the second installment. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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