Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bone Treaty

22434917A power as old as King Solomon awakens when a seventeen-year-old girl marks the brooding hot abductor ordered to seize her.

Addie Heaton’s not your average high school student. Orphaned at two, she’s spent most of her life reading the emotions of others. It’s a little trick she likes to call color-vision. But lately, a stranger has been trailing her, putting off shades of black and red—colors Addie hasn’t seen since the night her parents were killed—colors Addie never wanted to see again.

But when Addie comes face to face with Conal Reed, owner of the terrifying shades, she learns her stranger’s a little different too. He’s brooding hot, mysterious, and all too elusive. Conal loves to materialize, and then vanish at all the wrong times. Nice.


After years of keeping her ability a secret, Addie’s found another person with gifts, someone who may know what she really is. But Conal’s not talking. He’s having more fun showing up uninvited, teasing her senses, and disappearing at all the wrong times. Instead of finding answers, Addie finds herself reconsidering ever being alone and naked again.

*May Contain Spoilers*

T.C. McKee brings the ancestors of angels and demons to earth in her novel, The Bone Treaty. When the world goes off the (all things electronic) grid because of a terrorizing group of halflings, Addie freaks out. Add in an attempted abduction by a hot and cold cutie that Katy Perry would be proud of, and I'd be getting out of town. But not with a strange army trained Griffin, a guy claiming to be a dead relative, and a best friend who is more beanpole than buff as protection. Though no one really asks Addie her opinion. 

Addison, aka Addie, is the main character. She's intelligent, sarcastic, indecisive, loyal, and doesn't ask as many questions as she should. Or maybe, she just never gets the answers. Either way, Addie is a very special Elemental, which means she's a descendant from angels and demons. She can see emotional auras that allow her to know what others are feeling and if they're good or evil. Addison also discovers that she has the ability to shape shift, but is too scared to share any of her talents. As one of only two female Elementals, she is incredibly important and must be kept safe. Readers will enjoy her angsty teenager attitude and the love triangle that appears between the disappearing baddie and the loyal Griffin. Though it may be difficult to connect with readers through situational events, her personality and humor will create the bond. 

The novel begins with Addison being attacked by Conal. His job was to abduct her for an evil Elemental who wants Addie for a secret mission. After the attack, the people in place to protect Addie know that her cover has been blown and they whisk her away to the desert. She accepts all of this information rather well. She puts up a little resistance, but not as much as I would think considering she's basically being kidnapped by crazy spouting lunatics who beat around the bush when it comes to real answers. Since the desert hides a training facility, it's believed that Addie will be safe there. They don't know that she Marked Conal in order to save her own life and now he's bound to her, unable to stay away. Will Addison fall for Conal's charm and disappear into danger or will she find something worth fighting for on the side of good? 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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