Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bathing and the Single Girl

20507408The life of an actress in LA isn’t all glamour, money, and bedding rock stars. Sometimes it’s more about humiliation, red wine hangovers, and the bad decisions they fuel. Ruby Fitzgerald has barely worked in years, not that anyone remembers her for anything but her short stint on a long-canceled but iconic TV show. But that was back when her career prospects seemed on the upswing -- longer ago than Ruby cares to admit, and awkward sex with regrettable partners is doing nothing to take the edge off. Everything once functional in her house is going on strike, but the unemployment checks barely cover the mortgage, and a self-respecting girl needs to be able to pay her bar tab -- so repairs are on hold. One more bubble bath and a few more cocktails. A gal can always get responsible tomorrow.

With everything mounting against her, a cranky and increasingly despairing Ruby will have to find out if her life’s larger indignities are the result of bad luck, or a chronically bad attitude. What follows is a walking tour of the hilarious depths you can sink to if you stop exercising your best judgment.


Bathing and the Single Girl was nothing like I was expecting. I prepared myself for an edgy, slightly controversial, hilarious story about an actress who is constantly blundering through life. But that wasn't what I got. I found myself being offended by what the main character, Ruby, had to say. Mainly about anorexia, bulimia, and people who struggle with addiction. I had a very hard time connecting to Ruby and after about a third of the novel, I found I couldn't continue. 

I'm sure that some readers will absolutely love this book. However, Bathing and the Single Girl was not my forte. Ruby is too snarky, judgmental, and cruel for my taste. Though I do share her love of bubble baths and wine. 

The below rating is based on the fact that I could not finish the novel. 

Rating: 1/5 Cups